About US

Electrico24.com is a global leader, designer and manufacturer of superior commercial solar lighting products. We have been producing quality lighting systems since 2006. During this time we have continued to grow and expand our collections thereby becoming the global leader in solar powered lighting.

We carefully source our components from around the world and carry out extensive quality control during and after the manufacturing processes. That is how far we go to ensure all our customers receive exactly what they ordered and that it is ready for immediate installation and use.
Electrico24.com corporate headquarters are located in central Europe. All the products that we offer are physically held in our warehouses. So whatever you need, it’s usually readily available.

Please tell us about project, requirements, and even any budget you are trying to stay within. Contact our Customer Service Representative at info@electrico24.com. We we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Our lighting systems, equipment and power systems can be used for:

  • Roadway, Streets
  • Parking lots
  • Pathways
  • Emergency lighting and power
  • Security lighting and surveillance cameras
  • Bus stop lights
  • Off-grid//On-grid solar power systems
  • Flood and Internally Illuminated Signs