Comparision between solar powered and conventional light

The LED lamps have a greater lifespan and electrical efficiency that is many times better than the conventional lighting system. Beside this, LED lights are significantly much better than the most fluorescent lamps as well.

Solar powered LED light has just left everyone speechless in order to compete with solar lighting system.

Below is difference between Solar LED Street Lights & Conventional Street Lights

FeaturesConventional Street LightsSolar Street Lights
Initial InvestmentLowHigh, because of high cost of solar panels, battery & LED lamp.
EnvironmentLess environment friendly, More pollution & carbon dioxide emission.More environment friendly, No emission of gases or pollution.
Running & Maintenance CostHigh. Electricity cost is more expensive.Low. Almost free as it uses solar light from the sun.
SafetyLow. Since there are wires involved,there can be a risk of short circuit or other accidents.High, since no wires are associated.

Quick information about High Power LED lamp, metal halide lamp and sodium lamp.

High power LED lamp
It has no glare, which is very good to reduce light pollution. Although the temperature for the color of the light is very comfortable, the objects can be seen in the perfect true color, hence people feel more comfortable.

Hetal Halide Lamp
It has a very strong glare around the light which produces light pollution; the colors are very high in contrast pretty close to cyan; and object can’t be seen clearly in this light therefore people feel irritated and depressed.

Sodium Lamp
This lamp also has a very strong glare, not good at all for the eyes. The color of this light is very low with some sort of yellow and orange mixed colors in it. No one likes to sit under this light because this Sodium Lamp makes people feel boring. Here are the highlighted strengths of solar Street lights over the traditional street lights.

Using Solar Street Lights has a lot of advantages, some examples

  • Low Cost – Since solar lights use light from the sun for its operation, it is independent of the power grid. The cost is much lower as compared to electricity costs.
  • Clean and Green – The solar lights are an environment friendly way of lighting up the streets. They use clean energy from the sun for their working, hence there is no pollution and more energy saving.
  • Safe – Unlike the conventional street lights, there are no wires associated with the solar street lights and so there is less risk of accidents.
  • Low Maintenance – The maintenance associated with solar lights are very less as compared to the other street lights. 

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