Difference between LED and HPS street lights

High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights have remained a popular street lighting solution. Despite their widespread usage, however, HPS lamps display numerous deficiencies, particularly when compared with newer lighting technologies. HPS visibility issues are compounded by its inherent color limitations. High-Pressure Sodium lamps generate narrow spectrum light, which appears to us as a dull yellow glow. Hampered […]

Comparision between solar powered and conventional light

The LED lamps have a greater lifespan and electrical efficiency that is many times better than the conventional lighting system. Beside this, LED lights are significantly much better than the most fluorescent lamps as well. Solar powered LED light has just left everyone speechless in order to compete with solar lighting system. Below is difference between […]

All-in-one solar street lighting system

Solar street lights consist of four main parts: solar panel lighting fixture rechargeable battery pole There are two types of solar LED lights according to design structure. Traditional solar street lights feature panels, fixtures and accessories that are wired together. Second generation all-in-one solar street lights integrate the solar panel, LED source, PIR motion sensor, die casting […]